14-Day Beginner Slow Flow Challenge with Guy Friswell

This 14-day yoga challenge provides a series of accessible classes that focus on a slow, flowing, breath-centered approach to the yoga practice. Whether you’re a beginning student or a seasoned practitioner, younger or older, this series has something for everyone.It includes foundational classes focused on specific themes - like hips, knees, and shoulders - and full-spectrum classes that combine foundational skills into overall practices.

30-Day Athletes' PNF Stretching Challenge

Over 30 days of daily videos, David teaches you how to harness the power of a stretching technique called PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) to improve your flexibility quickly and safely. PNF increases joint range of motion by working with a natural neurological response within all of us called the inverse stretch reflex. Each video in this challenge is 7-12 minutes long, with each stretch repeated three times.

The Elements 14-Day Yoga Challenge

This 14-day yoga challenge progresses through 14 days of intermediate classes that focus on yoga's five elements: earth, water, fire, air, and space/ether, spending time on specific element while working to balancing them all. Crista helps you reflect on the elements’ qualities and how you can bring different kinds of energy into your life both on and off your mat. Incorporating meditation, chanting, breathwork and asana, this introduction to the elements is as varied and fun as it is deep.

10 Min Health Talk on the Menopause

Whilst experiencing the menopause herself, Annie has discovered many practical tips and ideas which she shares with you in this video to help you to feel on top form right the way through your menopause. She will explain what happens with the hormones as the body changes and that our high Oestrogen diets have created an extreme environment for the body, giving rise to hot flushes, heightened stress and memory loss. The good news is - we can change our state. Support the liver and the adrenals and you can definitely improve the experience. She provides lots of options for you to try out.

Energy Block Release 3

The Energy Block Release 3 sequence is also called 'Awakening the Heart'. It is designed to nourish warmth and compassion – awakening your inner sun. This sequence works on the heart area – in particular the anahata and the hrit chakras – these are the secret of your inner light and intuition. This sequence is for those occasions where you want to love with greater depth, forgive and forget pain and sorrow. It will strengthen your self love, personal empowerment and inner joy. So, in other words, you have a treat in store for you!

Quick energy boost and relax

We’d all love to know exactly what our purpose in life is and to have the strength and conviction to take action every day, but the truth is, its not always so clear! Filmed in the Botanical Gardens in the Australian town of Albury. This 20 minute class includes the lovely EBR 5, the empowering Warrior 2 posture and a gorgeous Waves of Peace relaxation. Energy Block Release Sequence 5 is designed to help establish a clear vision so that we can set our goal in life. By creating a natural flow and rhythm these movements can help us let go of deeply entrenched emotional patterns that so often prevent us from moving forward.