Meditation & breath

People everywhere are discovering the stress-reducing benefits of meditation and mindfulness. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned meditator, you’ll find many classes here that will help you develop your practice and achieve a calm, clear mind. Breathing with awareness goes way beyond simply keeping you alive! Pranayama is the mystical and ancient science of the breath. Take a few precious minutes to delve deep into techniques that have proven over millennia to calm both body and mind.

Calm and Mindful Meditation

In this short meditation, Jane explores the quality of acceptance. Do you accept the way you look? Do you accept your place in society? Do you feel at peace? Acceptance is a quality I think we could all do with more of in our lives. In this simple, short, yet powerful meditation take time to access your innate quality of inner acceptance.She will explain what happens with the hormones as the body changes and that our high Oestrogen diets have created an extreme environment for the body.

The Art of Meditation Series

Learn from a meditation master the sacred art of meditation. Relaxation is the key to meditation. If you can relax, your nervous system will settle, the heart rate will slow down, the breathing will deepen, and gradually you will enter into a beautiful quiet place.Explanation of the nature of the mind using the classical bowl analogy.Explanation of correct sitting position in a chair.

Meditation for Inner Balance

Take time to relax and centre your body and mind. You can use this short, 20 minute meditation to find a place of deep stillness and inner balance. It is particularly effective if you are busy or stressed, or if you need to create a bit more space around you.

Blue Mist Meditation

Welcome to this incredible technique! The Blue Mist is a powerful visualisation technique which helps you to very conciously release unwanted emotional tension and stress. Leaving you feeling balanced, calm and and rejuvenated!

Bhramari breath

The translation of Bhramari is the ‘humming bee’ breath. The gentle humming sound we make as we do this technique activates the vagus nerve, which is connected to our digestive organs, heart, lungs and nerves. This creates a relaxation response throughout the body and mind.